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Ship Spares Logistics

Ship Spares Logistics is an essential service ensuring ordered spares are onboard the ship on time, which always keeps your Ship moving. We offer a solution which enables Agents, Forwarders, Ship Owners and Management companies to manage the spares logistics “door-to-deck” globally. The solution brings transparency from Purchase Orders receipt up to final delivery onboard the ship.

Our Solution is designed for global network logistics setup as well as standalone for Agents to manage day to day spares logistics movements. The solution is offered as a SaaS model and is built using modern technologies.


  • Register & Track Expected PO
  • Track Expected Inbound Shipment
  • Receive PO’s to Stock
  • Track Customs Clearance
  • Create Outbound Shipments
  • Generate Picklist
  • Track & Manage Outbound Shipments
  • Schedule & Track Delivery Onboard (LMD)
  • Generate Delivery Note
  • Upload/ View Documents
  • Upload/View Proof-Of-Delivery
  • Track all costs involved
  • Stock Report to Principles
  • Generate & Issue Invoices


  • Lowest initial cost.
  • All your data is stored electronically in one place.
  • Accessibility of information from anywhere in the world.
  • Reduced time to benefit, is already installed and configured.
  • Scalability and new releases (upgrades)
  • Able to send/receive standard reports
  • Pay as you Use billing, subscription and consumption-based model.
  • Enhanced security using digital ID (BYOI)
  • Follow global industry standard data