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Surveys & Inspections

A specialized mobile application assisting the user to collect and collate data as per different surveying/ inspection requirements, on-board the ship. The Application can be configured for a range of activities such as vessel manager inspections, draft survey, IHM survey, SIRE, Right Ship, etc., based on the checklists for each type of inspection.

This app enables increased efficiency, by greatly reducing the time taken for inspection to report generation.


This application can be configured on intrinsically safe devices thereby enabling it to be used onboard hazardous cargo ships such as oil and gas tankers. Furthermore, it can also be used in offline mode where internet connectivity is not available, especially places like the engine room, cargo holds, or even when sailing on the high seas or in anchorage. Application enables multiple users to conduct the survey of the same vessel simultaneously by different users covering different areas of the ship, and later the data can be merged for generating a consolidated report.

The product alerts the inspector of issues noted at a particular check-point in the previous inspection, thereby ensuring that such issues have been rectified.



  • Collect various types of data (pre-configured values, photographs,
    GPS Coordinates, comments)
  • Configurable to different checklists and templates to perform various surveys and inspections.
  • Ability to generate class specific compliance reports such as IHM survey report.
  • Built in instructions and guidelines available during the course of the inspection.
  • Configurable and customisable survey/ inspection reports.
  • Ability to convert voice notes to text thereby ensuring fast and easy data entry.
  • Compare data of previous inspection with current inspection.
  • Data secured on cloud, including history.


  • Can be configured for different types of inspections and surveys.
  • Prompts for extra caution at checkpoints where an observation was noted in previous inspection (if previous inspection data is available).
  • Reduces the time taken from inspection to report generation.
  • Enables vessel wise, fleet wise data analytics based on historic data.
  • Ability to split the survey to more than one user by assigning different areas of the ship to each, thereby enabling faster survey.
  • Ability to define your own guidelines and checkpoints.